Join us Sundays @ 10 am @ the Winterset High School Auditorium

Centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m New

The Gospel

The most important thing to know about us is that we are all about making much of Jesus and proclaiming the Gospel (Good News). Want to know more about that? Click here.

Where To Go

Join us Sundays @ 10:00 AM. Redeemer Church meets on Sunday mornings at the Winterset High School Auditorium which is located at 624 Husky Dr., Winterset, IA 50273.

Our office during the week is located at 113 S John Wayne Drive. We have our Bible Studies and Counseling Ministries going on at the building during the week. Office Hours vary, contact us at 515-480-7034 if you need assistance.

What To Wear

We really don’t care as long as you are comfortable. You won’t see too many ties or dresses, but if you want to wear a tuxedo and formal gown, you’ll probably have no problem getting people to talk to you! Most of the guys wear shorts or jeans and the gals wear pants or a dress. Our pastor normally wears jeans and a button-down shirt.

The Auditorium (Sunday Mornings)

You can enter the High School Auditorium through the East or West doors to the south of the auditorium and there are plenty of signs to show you the way. Once inside people will greet you at the door and give you our weekly bulletin. The bulletin has more information about the morning service, upcoming events, and other tidbits. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the greeters. They are there to assist you with whatever you need. We serve coffee, donuts, and other snacks that you will find in the foyer area before entering the auditorium.


If you have children ages five and under we provide a fully-staffed nursery with qualified workers. The nursery will be to your right as you walk in the main doors. Please sign in your children when you drop them off.

Visitor Resource Table

To the left, just inside the main doors we have a visitor resource table. There is a lot of stuff on this table, so take a few minutes to look it over. We have many free resources for you, as well as other items that are discounted for you to purchase. Also, as a side note, there is a visitor card in the bulletin you were handed at the door. We would love to have you fill it out with your contact info. We’d like to follow up with those who visit to see if we can serve you or maybe answer a few of your questions.

The Service

We typically start out singing with our worship band, and just after the singing is done, all the kids 6-8 year olds, will be dismissed to children’s church. The kids will come back at the end of the service to join us for the last song. Pastor Jaysson normally preaches for about 35 minutes.

After The Service

Feel free to stick around after service for refreshments and conversation. After a few minutes, our tear down crew will start putting away the chairs and sound equipment. Don’t feel  obligated to help, but putting up chairs is fair game for everyone!

Hopefully that will give you a good idea of what a Sunday morning is like at Redeemer, but the only way you’ll truly get the experience is if you come and visit. We can’t wait to meet you.

Want More Info On Who We Are?

Check Out The About Us Page.